Apr 14 2012

Wow! Tonight we do an interview (rare for me) with The Glass Prism ! And just in time too! The new movie, The Raven, will be out in 2 weeks, featuring every record collector's favourite movie star, from High Fidelity , John Cusack. And we even throw in a funny clip about record collecting in this show.

Tom Varano, lead guitarist of the Glass Prism and also a concert promoter for the past 35 years (he even handles Pete Best!) , joins us to tell us about his new cd called Ressurection and their plans to perform a new rock opera featuring the works of Edgar Allan Poe

Glass Prism - She's Too Much (from 2nd lp 1970 On Joy and Sorrow)
Interview with Tom Varano of the Glass Prism
Glass Prism - The Raven (orig. 1969) Poe Through the Glass Prism
Glass Prism - The Raven ( from new lp Ressurection)
Glass Prism - Black Cat
Glass Prism - Here You Are (from 2nd lp 1970 On Joy and Sorrow)

Simon & Garfunkel - You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies
Blood, Sweat & Tears - I Love You More Than You Ever Know
Cheis Dreja from the Yardbirds
Capt. Beefheart - Fast n' Bulbous
Orphan Egg - Mourning Elektra
Record Collecting -(from my buddies Alex and Brian on Garage Grooves)
Blast Furnace - Ginger Cake
Hell Up In Harlem
Bobby Christian & the Allen Sisters - The Spider and the Fly - warning!
Bryn Haworth - Pick Me Up
Big Star - Thirteen
Crazy Elephant - Come to the Farm
8th Day - A Million Lights
Bohanna - Central Park Sue
Beatles - Glass Onion
Pete Best promo
Bob Seger - Bo Diddley (Who Do you Love)
Booker T. & The M.G.'s - Foxy Lady
Canned Heat - Don't Forget To Boogie (show ending taken from Fried Hockey Boogie)