Apr 13 09

Interesting Show tonight. We do an album feature with the liner notes commentary. The lp featured is called Different Strokes which featured new tracks from 19 artists in 1970. This was a very influential album at the time because it was cheap and lots of people bought it. And the music was a wide variety of sounds that many wouldnt have heard except for this lp. we only get Side One done as time ran out so Side 2 is next week. Stay tuned

Chico Rey & the Jet Band - Stilletto
Phil Sawyer - September Woman
Adam Kowsky - Never Thought
Lee Michaels - My Friends
Cowsills - Mystery of Life
Cowsills - Milk spot
Temptations - Runaway Child, Runnin' Wild

Album Feature - Different Strokes- a Columbia Record Sampler from 1970

Side One

Johnny Winter - Rock & Roll Hootchie Coo
Tom Rush - Merrimac County
Poco - A Man Like Me
Dreams - New York
(bit of a delay here where i have to go back to the turntable)
Big Brother & the Holding Co. - Mr. Natural
Miles Davis - Saturday Miles
Spirit - Morning Will Come
Spirit - promo
It's A Beautiful Day - Soapstone Mountain
Chambers Brothers - Going to the Mill
concert promo
Watermelon Slim doing a promo
Laura Nyro - Blackpatch

End of Side one -- side 2 next week

Temptations - It's Your Thing
Reflections in a Golden Eye
clip from an old show- economic crash prediction
Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan - Girl from the North Country