April 11 07

Wow! Had lots of fun during this show! Lots of calls and people showing up in the studio
giving me hugs who havent seen me in a while! Plus a wide variety of music for you all.
Hope You enjoy. Also it was my wife's birthday! So a great day all around.
Im not sure if I can record the segments I am going to be doing on 1090 oldies every
Friday morning, but if I can I will put them up here in the archives. So look for those.


The Litter - Action woman
Rodger Collins - She's Looking good
Muddy Waters - I'm Your Hoochie Cootchie man
Mourning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed
Eric Burdon - To Love somebody
Simple Image - Grooviest Girl in the World
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Mr. Bojangles
Eric Burdon - Ring of Fire
The Answers - Tawny Wood
Barclay James Harvest - Titles
Yoko Ono - Toy Boat
The Burns - I saw Her Standing There
Simon Stokes - I Fell for her, she fell for him and he fell for me
Simon Stokes - Truth is stranger than fiction
Brenton Wood - Gimme little sign
Brenton Wood - can You Dig It?
Jon & Lee & the Checkmates - Bring It Down Front
Fugitives - Come on & Clap
Wolfman Jack & the Wolf Pack-
Prince & the Paupers- Exit
Druids - Jelly Belly
Starfires - Linda
The Nocturnes-Twist & shout
Chain Gang Women
Windy Corner - Symphony of the Lost Garden
Stark Reality - All You Need to make Music
Link Wray - Ice People
Grateful Dead - Must Have Been The Roses (Bill Wharrie, tech director, commentating)
Grateful Dead - Ripple
Poco - Bad Weather
Sweet Marie - I've Got that Feelin'
Caravan - Golf Girl
The Nits - Bauhaus Chair
Doors - My Eyes Have Seen you
Captain Beyond - Thousand Days of Yesterday
Simon & Garfunkel - Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall
Elton John - Amorena
Count V - Can't get your lovin'
Blue Cheer - I'm The Light
Southwest F.O.B. - Smell of Incense
John Sebastian - Younger Girl
Steve Miller - I Love You - (feat. Charlie McCoy on harp)
Cat Stevens - How Can I Tell You