April 9 2008

Hey keep spreading the word folks! Listenership is way up to over 11,000 hits a month! Thanks! I don't really promote the show but it keeps finding an audience!

Tonight features a couple of tunes you can just freak out to near the end of the show and also a rare track from Perth County Conspiracy, a great but not well recognized folk group from Canada in the 70's. As well as the usual mix of obscurities.

Stay tuned next week for an ultra rare Canadian group- the Bedtime Story- just received a copy of the record in the mail from Geoff Hewitson who did the documentary on Peterborough's Rock n Roll Roots.

Soundtrack of our Lives- Into the Next Sun
Flaming lips- My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
CCR - Wrote A Song For Everyone
Zipps - Kicks & Chicks
Freak Fairies = A Girl Like You
Grapefruit - Round Going Round
Cliff Belcher - psychofunkadelipus
King George Discovery - Smokey
Archies - Archie's Party
Andy Kim promo
Alice Cooper - Return of the spiders
Tages - House on Soul Hill
Them - Don't Start Cryin' Now
Telegraph Avenue - Sweet Whatever
Capt. Beefheart - Fast n' Bulbous
Ian Paice promo
Donovan - Lover o Lover
Far Cry - Midnight juice
Edgar Broughton Band - Death of an Electric Citizen
Perth County Conspiracy - Breakin down the Walls