April 8 2006

well u get about half the show here because it was
a late night show and i fell asleep! -LOL
a caller woke me up- so I give you the first half of the show
-this show featured more of a heavier psych sound with longer tracks-
a bit heavier than most of my one hour shows

1.Spermuul - No Freak Out
2. Shinki Chen & His Friends - Farewell to Hypocrites
3. Bent Wind - Mystify
4. Paupers - Southdown Road
5.Country Joe & Bevis Frond-Acid Commercial
6. " " -Bass Strings (live)
7.Moby Grape -Come in the Morning
8. Skid Row (w. Gary Moore) -I'll never let you go
9. Blue Cheer - Doctor , Please
10.Burning Red Ivanhoe -Gong, Gong, The Elephant Song
11.Freak Out - Jamming Brothers
12. Capt. Beefheart w. Jack Nietzche Orchestra- Hard Workin' Man
13.shin joong hyun & the questions- Its a lie

and too bad u miss the rest-LOL