Apr 01 2011

April Fools

You know when I first make up a show I don't know how it's going to come across on the air. Even when I 'm doing
the show I never can tell until I come home and listen back to the recording.
Well this show was a complete surprise!!! It sounds so good and seems to fit well together. I didn't pick any favourite
songs or anything like that. I just picked out afew requests and some songs that I thought would fit together and then you
have to make the magic happen form there. I didnt even think of anything clever to say on the show .
BUT....... it WORKED.
I hope you enjoy it too.
Oh and there is no April Fool Joke on the show even though it was April Fools Day. I guess you could say the only real joke
here is that we are still on the air after all these years , on a mainstream station, that wouldn't dare play this stuff, and
were still getting away with it!!!! LOLLLLLL I guess it really is April Fools !!!!

Canned Heat - Sic 'em Pigs
Creedence Clearwater Revival - The Working Man
Country Joe & the Fish - Mojo Navigator
Spirit - Gramophone Man
Spirit - Girl in your Eye
Lee Hazelwood - Rainbow Woman
The Action - Baby , You've Got It
Reg King - Savannah
Atomic Rooster - 7 Streets
Ginhouse - I Cannot Understand
Caravan - Grandma's Lawn
Houston Fearless - Mr. Soul
Alice Cooper - Fields of Regret
The David - Sweet December
Badfinger - Carry On till Tomorrow
NRBQ - Flat Foot Flewzy
Wilco - Walken
Cyril Davies - Country Line Special
Downliners Sect - Tiger in Your Tank
Don Craine promo
Duster Bennett - Sugar Beet
Christine Perfect - Crazy Bout You Baby
Gordon Smith - Funk Pedal
Mike Vernon ( with Rory Gallagher) - Come Back Baby
The Rock Shop - Soap Suds & Cream